Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blog Makeover - Help Appreciated!!

Having now decided what direction to send my blog in I need to makeover my blog and I also feel it needs a new name.  This is where you come in!
I'm looking for a name to reflect my interest in beauty products, especially nail polish, and that I'm a mummy, without having 'beauty' or 'mummy' in the name!  Something along the lines of:

Nails and Nappies
Milk to Manicures
Lipstick and Pushchairs

You get the idea!

Please enter your suggestions in the comments box, and if I use your suggestion there might even be a little reward coming your way, probably in the form of a bottle of Nails Inc.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

1 comment:

  1. When you decide your blog name, please let me know, as it will have a lot of influence on the graphic ;)
    By the way, my fav of them is Nails and Nappies. I'm sorry but I haven't much creativity about names and I can't suggest a new one :D


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